Dr. Wyngaard Biography

Dr Wyngaard graduated as a physician in Cape Town South Africa in 1996. On arrival in the United Kingdom she specialized in Psychiatry via the Charing Cross rotation. She obtained her specialist qualification in General Adult Psychiatry and has many years experience including general adult, learning disability, forensic psychiatry, assertive outreach, crisis resolution and rehabilitation.

Her last employment in the U.K was in Older Aged Psychiatry. Prior to this she managed patients with severe and enduring mental illness in a variety of settings.

She was co chair of the older person’s forum and a member of the Clinical Risk management group at St Andrews healthcare, which is one of the oldest and most recognized mental health institutions in the world with history and traditions dating back to early 1800's. 

Dr Wyngaard is a Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in the United Kingdom and Health Professions Council of South Africa.

She has presented at the Scottish Dementia Congress held in Edinburgh on the treatment approach of challenging behavior.

At the International Royal College of Psychiatry Forensic Conference held in Dublin she also presented on Neuropsychiatric conditions across different tiers of security and a poster presentation on Characteristics of older aged prison transferred patients.

Most recently Dr Wyngaard presented the topic Anxiety disorders at an academic event in Cape Town.

In her practice she undertakes a full assessment of the individual through interview, supported by baseline assessments as required, consideration of the social and physical health status, risks and the comprehensive detailed treatment proposal to meet each need. An eclectic treatment approach is offered: solution based, supportive, cognitive-behavioral and psychodynamic principles are amongst the interventions utilized.

This is undertaken in the context of a holistic treatment package.